Yossi Montrose - Performaball Master Trainer

I believe HFPA are first and foremost open to change and evolution in the very fast-paced health and fitness industry.They are always looking to the future and to adding more cutting-edge courses to their offerings. HFPA are great with supporting the aspirations of people, and offering the necessary resources to help young, talented fitness professionals.

HFPA staff are warm, fun and down to earth. They are friendly, with a professional attitude that makes them very easy to work with. This is a great place to start which will open many doors.

Brent Szurdoki - South African Swimmer

First of all I would like to thank HFPA for the opportunity to further my studies in the field that I am truly passionate about; health and fitness. HFPA gave me a platform to widen my horizon and increase my knowledge. With their state-of-the-art facilities and the staff at HFPA, who truly love their jobs and inspire the students and motivate them to achieve whatever their goals are. Thank you for the opportunity.

Hlubi Mboya - Television Actor and Sponsored Athlete

HFPA is unique not only regarding the international standards of the educational experience, especially when it is reflected through their nationwide, state of the art, campuses, but as an educator myself, the support staff, trainers, lecturers and senior staff are Family.

As a business woman I understand that my net worth is my network and through HFPA I have engaged and connected with the top innovators of the Fitness industry world wide.

Alyssa Conley - South African Olympian Sprinter

Education gives us knowledge of the world around us and changes it into something better. It develops in us a perspective of looking at life. Education is the fuel to mind power therefore I am honoured to be apart of the HFPA family where we the power of education is power.

Mandla Amos Nhleko - Trainer and coach

Studying at HFPA has given me the opportunity to grow my knowledge and help me improve my skills in the fitness industry. It has also benefited me to become one of the respected and trusted personal trainers and sports conditioning coaches in the industry. The support that HFPA offers to their students is phenomenal and you get special attention if you are struggling to understand your studies. HFPA has even supported my business in terms of showcasing my knowledge on a few TV shows regarding health, fitness and wellness. I would definitely recommend HFPA to anyone who wants to excel in the fitness industry!

Lisa Raleigh - Wellness & Fitness Expert

I have studied with HFPA before and enjoyed the flexibility it allowed me, so when I felt ready for a new challenge and saw a gap in what I could potentially be offering my clients, I was pleased that HFPA were offering a way for me to become a certified life coach.

I am still in the midst of this online course, but I am already seeing the pieces of the puzzle come together. After all, it’s essential to not only be able to guide people in they weight loss journey with practical diet and exercise, but to understand the reasons behind why my clients need my help in the first place. Getting to the root of the problem will mean long-lasting results. Apart from offering my clients more support, I am also now able to be a better boss and navigate the various challenges my team and I face regularly.

Best of all, my business hasn’t had to suffer because I am able to learn and study on the go and independently. I can access the classes remotely, wherever I am, while having the benefits of direct access to my lecturer and other students once or twice a week during the evening classes.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to enhance their existing business and guide others and themselves by understanding the “why?” behind our decisions and behaviors

Stacey Holland - Presenter at @RealHealthSA

I started my HFPA journey over 10 years ago when a personal training course was a requisite for my degree in human movement studies. From a smaller campus, with great lecturers much has changed over the years but one thing remains the same: you know that you have a faculty and staff dedicated to teaching you the very best in health and fitness and living the lifestyle themselves! HFPA has grown in size over the years, boasting world-class teaching facilities and equipment and I’m proud to be associated with the leaders in fitness


Neil du Plessis - Olympic Weightlifter

I received my Diploma in Exercise Science from HFPA in 2011. During my entire studying process I had access to personal attention whenever I needed to query something or if I just needed assistance. Since then I have stayed in contact with HFPA and they have gone from strength to strength. They are proactive in keeping me up to date with current job offers and I always get a sense of what is currently happening in the academy. I find their distance learning and short courses very exciting because they are staying relevant to the needs of future students. Their online platform is very informative, easy to use and their in-house facilities are filled with the most up to date and high tech equipment.

Meet Our Amazing Ambassadors

HFPA are fortunate enough to have a fantastic group of young achievers representing us. All of our ambassadors have carved a successful path for themselves, in the fitness and sports industries and we are extremely proud to align ourselves with each one of them.

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