Advanced Personal Trainer Diploma

National Diploma in Fitness (NDIF)

Course Price

Course Duration

12-24 months

Entry requirements

You must hold a National Certificate in Fitness qualification (NQF 5).

Course Credits


247 credits

Course overview

The National Diploma in Fitness (NDIF) is a full qualification which qualifies you to work internationally as an Exercise Specialist and Sports Conditioning Coach. Students may elect to enrol for the National Diploma in Fitness without first enrolling in the National Certificate in Fitness. The full 2 year NDIF programme includes all NCIF modules. Students who hold the National Certificate in Fitness (or equivalent) will commence with Part 2.

Part 2 (year 2) of the programme will cover the unique anatomical, biomechanical and physiological characteristics of various population groups and how these characteristics will impact programme design and testing. You will be able to work in association with a referral team of Doctors, Physiotherapists, Biokineticists, Dieticians and Sport Scientists, assisting your clients to achieve their unique physical goals.

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