Advanced Certificate in Exercise Science

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Course Price

Full time: R41 500,00

Weekday Blended: R30 000,00

Part-Time: R26 000,00

Part-Time Sep-2017: R26 000,00

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Course requirements

You must hold a Higher Certificate in Exercise Science (NQF 5) or equivalent.

Course date and duration

12 months

Course credits


141 Credits

Course overview

The Advanced Certificate in Exercise Science (ACES) is an internationally portable, Higher Education qualification. This programme follows on from the Higher Certificate in Exercise Science (which is a prerequisite). This will qualify you as an Exercise Specialist and Sports Conditioning Coach. Work in a variety of Sport Specific, Fitness, Recreation and Rehabilitation environments.

With a focus on special population groups you will be able to work amid a referral team of doctors, physiotherapists, biokineticists, dieticians and sport scientists, with clients who have particular physical needs and goals.

These include people with cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, immunological, neurological and metabolic conditions, as well as pregnancy, the youth and the elderly.

*Refer to our downloadable course sheet to learn more

*If you are interested in this course, but not near the main campuses, consider our National Diploma in Fitness Programme

Key features

  • Covers all aspects of advanced training including special population groups who have particular physical needs and goals. You will also receive advanced training in sports conditioning, enabling you to take on professional athletes.
  • Can provide access for students wishing to enter any Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, at NQF Level 7.

Study modes

  • Full Time: Interactive weekday workshops
  • Part Time: Structured workshops on alternate Saturdays
  • Weekday Blended: Friday classes for the full length of the year

Career opportunities

  • Work as a senior trainer in all fitness environments
  • Be employable in a variety of sectors (not just fitness), including sport-specific, recreation and rehabilitation environments.
  • Set up a business to appeal to niche population groups, or people with certain conditions
  • Work amongst a referral network of doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, bio kineticists, sport scientists and dietitians.


  • Accredited by the Council on Higher Education
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