Aqua Aerobics Instructor

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Course requirements

To enter this course you need to have done any personal training or fitness based course.

If you have no prior fitness background, you need to complete the Introduction to Exercise Science online course.

Phone our office to enquire about discounts if you are looking at doing more than one course.

Course date and duration

3 and 4 February 2018

8 and 9 September 2018

3 days over 2 weekends

Course credits

12 REPSSA CPD points

Course overview

Become a more versatile trainer by learning how to design and deliver safe, effective and innovative water-based training sessions. This short course equips you with all the theoretical and practical knowledge to work as an Aqua Aerobics instructor in a gym or health club environment.

Key features

  • Learn how to design and deliver vertical water-based training
  • Add a new skill set in just 3 days over 2 weekends

Study modes

This is a 3-day short course that runs over 2 weekends and includes both practical and online study methods.

  • Practical component: given at a swimming facility
  • Theoretical component: offered online

Note: You will also need to submit 15 practical log hours.

Career opportunities

  • Incorporate aqua aerobics as part of your service offering
  • Work with special populations including pregnant clients and the elderly (gentle on the joints).


  • A REPSSA endorsed continuing professional development (CPD) course worth 12 points
  • Become even more multi-skilled by doing our Studio Cycle course or become a Pilates Mat instructor
  • Explore our other courses

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