Developing Agility & Quickness for Sports Performance

Course Price

R2 500.00

Course Duration

6 months

Entry requirements

You must hold a personal trainer or exercise science qualification to do this course.

Course Credits

5 CEC credits

Course overview

If you have a specific interest in training athletes, this course, offered in association with the American Academy of Health and Fitness, will help you understand the physical and mental components of agility and quickness.

It addresses the physical and cognitive components of agility and quickness. Applicable to most all sports, this course focuses on improving quickness of foot and change of direction speed, along with perceptual and decision making factors. It covers the essential components of developing rapid force high power output and explosive movement that allow athletes to achieve high-level performance. It includes more than 100 drills to help in the development of safe, effective and comprehensive training programs.

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