EMS License Trainer

Optional Addition of Fitness Instructor

Course Price

Short Course
R3 700

Include Fitness Instructor: R5 200

Course Duration

Short Course - 2 days

6 months - Including Fitness instructor

Entry requirements

You must hold a fitness instructor or personal trainer qualification to do this course.

Course Credits

28 Credits

20 REPSSA CPD points

Course overview

EMS is a training technique that applies electric impulses to muscles, making them contract in much the same way they do during exercise (but is gentler on the joints). This versatile qualification done in cooperation with Miha Bodytec and GluckerKolleg is the perfect match for personal trainers and can be a welcome addition to the skill sets of physiotherapists, sport conditioning coaches, aestheticians, and the broader fitness industry. It also unlocks opportunities to work in an EMS studio, or start your own EMS business.

Add Fitness Instructor if you’re looking for a fast-track into a career in fitness, or a bridging qualification into more advanced personal training certifications. This course will equip you with all the skills necessary to meet the duties of a fitness instructor, including assisting clients with proper technique and use of gym equipment and advising on generic exercise programmes.

Online Fee: R5 200

(easy payment terms available)

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