Fitness Instructor

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Course requirements

You must have a Grade 10 to do this course.

Course date and duration

6 month completion period

Course credits


38 credits

Course overview

If you’re looking for a fast-track into a career in fitness, or a bridging qualification into more advanced personal training certifications, the Fitness instructor Course is for you. This course will equip you with all the skills necessary to meet the duties of a fitness instructor, including assisting clients with proper technique and use of gym equipment and advising on generic exercise programmes.

Key features

  • Learn the basics of anatomy and exercise physiology
  • Learn the proper use of equipment and understand gym safety procedures
  • Improve on your communication and motivational skills to deal with clients more effectively

Study modes

Online: Study from anywhere, anytime

Career opportunities

  • Work as a fitness instructor in commercial gyms and private studios
  • Use this as a bridging course to see if a career in health and fitness is for you, or to give you an NQF 4


  • This course is in the process of being accredited (NQF Level 4) through CATHSSETA
  • Go on to study our Personal Trainer course online after successfully completing the Fitness Instructor course
  • Or become a Group Fitness Instructor to enable you to give group classes to music in a gym or studio
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