Course Price

Short Course
R1 950

Course Duration

2 days

Entry requirements

You must hold a personal trainer or exercise science qualification to do this course

Course Credits

8 REPSSA CPD points

Course overview

In this course you will learn how to master and create workouts for all fitness levels. You will start with the foundation movements and then learn how to create over 500 unique exercises with them!

This will include the 5 basic HIIT training protocols, cueing, coaching, timing, formats, preparing workouts, identifying goals, being able to differentiate programmes and training for distinct fitness levels (beginner, advanced, pro) including elite athletes!

What you will learn:

  • Understanding that battle rope exercises are very connected to each other. Learn the flow and create your own exercises. There is a system.
  • Understanding lower body foundational moves with elastic resistance bands and creating your own exercises by changing conditions within each exercise.
  • Operating elastic resistance and understanding what is vector of force, respecting axis and trajectory of movement.
  • Understanding and applying principles of stability

    ... and much more!

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