Course overview

This is a baseline course. Before diving into our wide range of courses, you’ll need to complete a baseline course. Our baseline courses unlock the majority of our other courses. If you are just beginning your fitness journey and have never completed one of our baseline courses before, this is your starting point.

This Higher Education course is an international Personal Training qualification that leads onto the Advanced Certificate in Exercise Science (NQF 6). It is the first year of an advanced program that offers you unrivaled opportunities to work with special population groups and people with unique needs.

This course includes a comprehensive introduction to special population groups and sports conditioning, as well as 3 elective specialization courses. These electives are chosen under the guidance of the Course Leader, and allow students to tailor their learning experience to their unique ambitions within the fitness space.

*Refer to our downloadable course sheet to learn more

*If you are interested in this course, but not near the main campuses consider our National Diploma in Fitness Programme

Key features

  • Qualify yourself to work internationally or at home as a multi-skilled trainer
  • Choose 3 specialization electives that suit your fitness ambitions
  • Gain direct access to the Advanced Certificate in Exercise Science (NQF 6), the only course of its kind (a higher education institution in sports and fitness)

Study modes

  • Full Time: Interactive weekday workshops
  • Part Time: Structured workshops on alternate Saturdays or 2 evenings a week.

Career opportunities

  • Work as a strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer in health clubs, or in private practice
  • Travel the world working on international luxury cruise liners or at holiday clubs
  • Continue on to the Advanced Certificate in Exercise Science to grow your expertise and open doors to university level programmes
  • Work as a health and fitness blogger, online personal trainer, fitness manager or wellness director
  • Open your own business, gym or studio


  • SAQA registered NQF 5 on the national qualifications framework
  • Accredited by the Council on Higher Education
  • Registered with REPSSA (Register of Exercise Professionals South Africa)

  • Advanced Certificate in Exercise Science (NQF 6)
  • HFPA Lifestyle Coach programme – a combination of the ILS Life Coaching course and Nutrition packages.
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