Higher Neuroscience Coaching

Course Price

R15 000

Course Duration

6 Months

Entry requirements

Introduction to Neuroscience Coaching is required to do this course

Course overview

It is essential for any people development practitioner and performance improvement professional to have an accurate understanding of how the human mind works, learns and thinks. To validate and improve practices like coaching, teaching, talent development and performance improvement, it has to be grounded in neuroscience to ensure better efficiency, accuracy and results. You can’t improve what you can’t measure. If you want to optimise performance you need to know how the drivers that optimise brain performance will impact a person’s unique neurological design. Neuro-Link has developed the most comprehensive neuroscientific assessment yet, to determine this.

The Online Course in Higher Neuroscience Coaching is a brain profile practitioner programme for coaches, sports coaches, educators, trainers, therapists, counsellors, psychologists, consultants and organisations to learn the fundamentals of the neuroscience of learning, thinking and how the brain processes information.

Brain profile practitioner training is a self-study programme for practitioners who are passionate about developing people and who want to identify their potential and improve performance. The programme will enable them to become certified practitioners of one of many brain profile assessments that Neuro- Link offers to adults, students and children. It consists of videos, manuals, infographics, assessments and assignments.

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