Studio Cycle Instructor

Course Duration

Level 1: ​2 weekends

Level 2: 1 day

Entry requirements

No previous qualifications are needed

Students will need to log 15 experiential hours to qualify

Course Credits

8 REPSSA CPD points

Course overview

Indoor cycling (commonly known as spinning) is a group exercise class that takes place on a stationary indoor bike and focuses on endurance, strength, interval and high intensity training, as well as cycling race simulations and recovery. It is becoming increasingly popular as a preferred method of training and the demand for spinning instructors, as a result, is very high.

Level 1 of this course will provide you with all the knowledge and tools you need to work as an effective Studio Cycle Instructor.

Level 2 of the course is a “Back to Basics” reminder of level 1 for those who need it. It also goes into more detail regarding communication, instructor etiquette, music do’s and don’ts and safety tips.

Combine both levels and become the best studio cycle instructor you can be!

Level 1 Course Fee: R2 200

Deposit R1 200

Level 2 Course Fee: R1 650

Deposit R800

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